Computer Coaching with Koritnik
Computer Coaching with Koritnik

What I offer

Tech tools you can use


*Basic computer skills. *Advanced computer skills. *Installing and navigating WINDOWS 10. *All SHAKLEE tech tools. *SBOSS. *Edit your PWS. *Email. *Outlook. *Excel. *Word. *ACT!  Database. I also offer "do-it-for-you" options for all of these.

Online marketing tools


*Facebook--set up and manage Page(s), Group(s), Friend lists, Posts, Messages, FB LIVE videos.  *Zoom Meetings and Webinars. *Your Freedom Project. *Use your mobile for businesss. *Set up GoDaddy domain(s), website(s), and pro email.  Or use "do-it-for-you" options for all of these.

Our Fees


A low market rate for tech coaching is $150/hr.  I charge my SHAKLEE colleagues $75/hr instead.  5 people can share an hour for $15 each.  Volume pricing is 5 hours for $300 which is $60/hr, a $15/hr savings.  Watch for $50/hr flash sales and free and paid classes.  Ask for scholarship availability.