Computer Coaching with Koritnik
Computer Coaching with Koritnik

Frequently Asked Questions

What can a computer coach do for me?


You see lots of "tools of the trade" behind me!  As your computer coach I put them all at your service to save you frutration and time--and time is money!   When you have time banked, it's like having me in your pocket.  I'm at the other end of your phone, email, text message, and/or Zoom to help.

What kind of commitment do I need to make?


You can bank as many hours as you like and use your banked time however you like, whenever you like--in 10 minute segments or 2 hour sessions and everything in between.  It's up to you and how much and how fast you'd like to grow your skills.  Your hours never expire.   

How do we get started?


Schedule a free 20-minute session to discuss what skills or services you'd like and we'll go from there.  Email with two days/times that work for you, and your time zone.  I'll confirm what works for my schedule and we'll go from there.